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Arc Junkies

Dec 25, 2017

Merry Christmas & welcome to the Arc Junkies Star Wars Christmas Special ! Jimmy is joined in studio by Dave from the IT in the D Show and call in guests LuLu of Dugs Welding Caps, Scott Griffin of Fort Mill Forge, Jason Hurst of Works By A Hurst and Arborist and Host of An Elegant Weapon Podcast Jason Clark to discuss the most divisive film since Detroit's own Batman V Superman.

Does Star Wars The Last Jedi betray the original trilogy ? Does this story even exsist without the extended universe no longer canon ? Does Luke Skywalker bring new meaning to the phrase " Got Milk ?" and has Chewbacca gone vegatarian ?

find out on this special episode of Arc Junkies ! 



Star Wars The Last Jedi 

Directed by Rian Johnson.