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Arc Junkies

Dec 7, 2018

This episode of Filler Metal Friday is going back to the basics for the weekend warrior ! 

Jimmy and ESAB Expert Jay Ginder cover the basics to get started with Gas Metal Arc Welding or MIG welding in the garage !


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Dec 5, 2018

Arc Junkies broadcasts live from Detroit Shipping Company during Noel Night.


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Nov 28, 2018

Nate Bowman aka @weldscientist returns to the show ! Jimmy and Nate chat about everything  from making new age boomboxes to the politics and process of becoming a CWI from real life experience and negotiating your wage by knowing your worth as a craftsman.

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Nov 19, 2018

Jimmy & Josh talk whats happening in Detroit, E-mails are answered and the guys recap FABTECH 2018 in Atlanta.


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Nov 12, 2018

Jimmy interviews Jeannine Kunz in the media room @ Fabtech.  It's not often you're granted an interview with a Fabtech Keynote speaker, so when you get the chance, you take it.  This interview discuses the manufacturing skills gap and further exposes the misinformation industry leaders have towards welding as a...