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Arc Junkies

Jun 20, 2018

This week ! Jimmy chats with Jordi Ribas a Red Seal welder/fabricator currently working as a Weld Technician for Josef Gas. Founded in 2015 by Joe Stangl and his son Richard Stangl, Josef Gas prides itself on being the " Hand On" gas supplier of the Greater Toronto Area. Jimmy and Jordi aslo talk about some of...

Jun 14, 2018

This week Jimmy chops it up with Hjalmar Aguilo the host of Weldtube.


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Jun 4, 2018

Jimmy sits down in studio with Scott Light, once the CEO of the third largest distributor of automotive material handling racks in the state of MI and the man responsible for helping Jimmy himself and many others get into the welding industry. Scott started at the bottom and worked his way to the top and his story is...

Jun 1, 2018

Jimmy is Joined by Jay Ginder and Bob Gulas of ESAB to discuss the evolution of Flux Cored Wire.