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Arc Junkies

Jan 28, 2019

Jimmy chats with Welder, Entrepreneur and YouTuber Adam Heffner of Maker.Table !   

Jan 24, 2019

Jimmy is joined by Josh & Darla Welton of the Playing With Fire Podcast ! Jimmy brings everyone up to speed about whats been happening behind the scenes of Arc Junkies Podcast and the trio discuss the tunnel vision of seeking success and does talent really exist or is it pure hard work and skill development ?

Jan 24, 2019

Jimmy chats with Pipeliner Harley Snyder about fitness, setting goals and how to deal with and overcome harassment on the job site from first hand expierence. She inspires and offers advice to women everywhere looking to get into welding.


Jan 8, 2019

In this episode, Jimmy chats with welder and YouTuber Jacob Schofield about the weld life, being a new father, and finding the common ground between pipeliners and shop welders by discussing our differences and similarities.



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Jan 4, 2019

Kicking off 2019 listening to Jimmy get schooled by ESAB Expert John Hartnet on Shielded.Metal.Arc.Welding.(Stick) Electrodes ! From how they’re made to how they’re used, this process has so much history and not only still remains a great basic process but an increasingly popular welding process in the...