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Arc Junkies

Feb 28, 2022

In this weeks episode, I am talking with Oliver Adamson, owner of @citizen_build and @longdrawsupply in San Antonio Texas. Oliver is more than a welder and fabricator, he’s part of his community and gives back every chance he gets. Whether it’s running fund raisers for natural disasters or helping a...

Feb 22, 2022

In this weeks episode, I'm talking about the imprtance of prepping your base metal and a few of my favorite methods on different materials. 

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Feb 21, 2022

Today I’m chatting with Rashaad Washington, a Union Pipe welder and Welding Instructor up in Dallas Georgia. I first met Rashaad at the XCEL welding competition for high school and college students  in Dallas Georgia back in October where Bob Moffat and I volunteered as Guest Judges. Rashaad is a great guy...

Feb 15, 2022

In this episode I cover the different advantages and disadvantages of each MOMT as they apply to GMAW.

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Feb 14, 2022

Join me as Charlie Cross and Padraic Bean discuss welding process improvement and procedure development. I had a great time at their class in Atlanta Georgia and wanted to bring some of that information back to the listeners of the show. I hope you all enjoy the episode and take lots of notes.

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