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Arc Junkies

Apr 26, 2022

In this weeks episode, I am answering the listener submitted request, what tip should I use for Oxy-Fuel cutting.


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Apr 25, 2022

In this weeks episode, I’m chatting with Tim Settle from @radicalops TIG Rigs. We talk about his career, the type of work he does with Specialty Welding and Turnarounds (SWAT) and his TIG rigs.

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Apr 19, 2022

In this episode, I am answering the question, how do I prevent material distortion. I give a few helpful tips on how I prevent my materials from warping and keeping things square and flat while welding. 

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Apr 18, 2022

Today I am chatting with Dusty James from Pacific Arc TIG Welding on YouTube and Instagram. Dusty just achieved a major accomplishment on his YouTube Channel and is also releasing a new online TIG welding Training Program complete with a textbook made just for people looking to learn the art of manipulating molten metal...

Apr 12, 2022

In this weeks episode of Just The Tip Tuesday, I  was asked if I could go over the benefits of ground clamp placement. This was a great question that often gets over looked in the shop and on the job site. There are many benefits to a properly placed ground clamp and I cover them in this episode.

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