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Arc Junkies

Jan 25, 2022

Well I had a lot of fun with these listener submitted topics this week.

In this episode I discuss what Amplitude (DC Offset) is, and what it’s used for.

I also discuss A/C waveform, balance and a lot of other great info when it comes to aluminum TIG welding.

Here's a little math for you. 

EN, EP and balance settings are all tied to the overall amperage setting of the machine. If the overall welding current is changed, the EN to EP ratio is maintained, but their individual values change with output.

Example: If EN is set to 180 Amps, EP is set to 120 Amps, and Balance is 75%, the displayed welding current will be 165 Amps. If the welding current is now adjusted to 220 Amps, balance will remain at 75%, but EN will change to 240 Amps and EP to 160 Amps (3:2 ratio maintained).




DC+= 60A


250(.65) + 60(1-.65)=183.5A

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