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Arc Junkies

May 25, 2020

Jason sits down and talks about the most important tools you have as a welder and how to make sure you are maintaining them. He gives details from his personal experience and encourages the listeners not to make the same mistakes. 


Sum Dum Welding Apparel


Weld Tube/Outlaw...

May 18, 2020

Jason sits down with Scott Raabe President and Lead instructor of Precision Welding Acadamy in Houston Texas. Scott talks about his journey into welding and how it saved has life. Welding has a unique ability to unite people and give them something to fight for. Join us as we discuss common problems faced in the...

May 12, 2020

As Jimmy McKinight closes one chapter of his life, he opens another. Join him today as he passes the torch to the new Arc Junkies Host, Jason Becker.

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